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As a choreographer, Colin engages the viewer through his own risks and explorations in themes, movement, and storytelling. He believes in building a world for each dance to live in – complete with a specific mood, movement language, lighting, costuming, and staging, with each element being integral to the total effect, design, and singleness of each work. They are dedicated to fleshing out the journey a viewer takes through their choreography and are interested in the emotions, thoughts, and questions they confront while watching.  Rooted in contemporary movement, Colin's work incorporates dynamic physicality and elements of theatricality, all with a highly-designed trajectory throughout the performance space and with a clear relationship to the music. 


Colin choreographs for all ages and levels, from students to theater movers to professional dancers. For more information, answers to questions, and bookings, please to use the contact form or send an email to colinheininger @

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